What Is Qun Qun & How To Earn Cryptocurrency With It


Qun Qun

So a whole lot of us have heard about cryptocurrencies, but are so confused about what it is and how it works. But that’s not what we are here to talk about today. I am here to talk about a new way to earn your own cryptocurrency by doing what you’re already doing. This new way is just by using the app Qun Qun.

What Is Qun Qun?


Qun Qun is a social media app where you can socialize with people of like minds. It’s like Facebook. Twitter, etc bundled into one. In Qun Qun you can post about stuff either in plain texts, pictures or video, and people will have the opportunity to either ‘like’, ‘comment’ or  ‘re-post’ your various posts. Now, this is the interesting part, with every post, comment, like or re-post you make on Qun Qun you earn a token called Qun’ which is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain.

How To Register On Qun Qun:

To register on Qun Qun is very simple:

  • Go to their website HERE and click on the download button to download the app.
  • After that, open the app and you’ll see a screen asking you to ‘input your phone number’. If you’re from China, simply input your phone number in the international format.
  • If you are not from China. click on the area written ‘CA+86’, this will prompt a drop-down list with all countries listed. Though everything seems to be written in Chinese, just click on your country alphabet on the right and it’ll show your country’s dialing code, then click on that.
  • Next, a screen asking for a verification code will pop up, just enter the code sent to the phone number you entered.

At this point, you’ll probably be very confused as to what next to do because everything is written in Chinese, just relax coz I am here to help you navigate through this.

Get Your Referral (5% Of Everything The Referral Earn:)

You are on the home screen of the app, and you’ll see 5 icons at the bottom of the screen. Click on the one farthest to your right.

On the next screen that appears, input NK7MMK as the referral so you can also get your referral code.

You can click on ‘invite friends‘ from this screen to invite friends to join Qun Qun and you’ll earn 5% of their tokens.

Join Communities:

The very next thing to do is to join some communities because without joining communities you won’t be able to do post anything. I’ll recommend joining the community ‘ EntertainmentArena‘ as it is the most active English speaking community. This is how to join a community:

Click on the on the 3rd icon on the bottom of the screen

On the next screen, simply click on the search area on the top and search for ‘EntertainmentArena’. That’s it, you’re now in the most active English community in Qun Qun.

You can also search for other communities and join them.

Start posting:

Now that you’ve joined a community, all you have to do is to post in the community. Now, when people like and comment on your on your posts, you’ll get some FREE Qun tokens which you can sell later. Also, you get Qun Token when you like and comment on other people’s posts.

Where Is Qun Trading?

Currently, Qun is trading on the coinmarket and you can head over there to see how the coin is faring.


There you have it, this is the basics of what you can do with the Qun Qun app. If there’s anything not covered by this app or you have any questions to ask, please do so using the comments box below.

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